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Re: Portable CD Player

From: larry larry
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Date: 04-Aug-2002
Time: 09:17 AM


It was ok I guess. I was in class all week while my wife, Suzette, and her played in Disney World. Like I told Dave and Mamie, the school paid over $2000 for my flight, room, meals, and training. And I still didn't learn squat. I told them I didn't want to go.... they should have listened.

The flight went fine. I put on my earphones and listened to The Long Road Home over and over.

There were about 600 teachers at the session. I had posted a few times on the companys web site and put a couple of mothers day poems on there. When I got there, I found out that several of the trainers and teachers were wanting to meet me. I told then all about Mickey and how listening to him and meeting him influenced me to want to write. Of course I had to make sure that they understood that it was Mickey NEWBURY. Around there, if you mention the name Mickey, everyone thinks that you're talking about a mouse.

The ladies at the desk told my principal that,in the 16 years that they have been doing this, I was their favorite male teacher. It was neat being around people that really don't "Know" me and feeling like a big shot. The other teachers from my school kept teasing me and wanting my autograph.

One of the ladies there emailed me wanting to know if I had a poem that her daughter could use. Seems that her daughters best friend , 13 years old, had been killed in an accident this June. She was making a scrap book and couldn't find the right poem for the first page. I sent her one but later emailed her that I thought the "Hears to tomorrow" line from Mickey's THE LONG ROAD HOME would be better.

Everything there is way expensive. I told the lady at the hamburger place, at the hotel, that I just wanted a hamburger and didn't want to make a down payment on the place. I thought it was funny, she didn't. When I got home, before I even drove to the house from the airport, I stopped and bought a carton of Blue Bell and a coke. It cost me less than $5. I almost started crying from happiness right there in the store.

Ok, I guess that's a long enough answer and I can't think of anything else good to say about me.