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Re: Frisco  tribute album

From: Roy
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Date: 15-Aug-2002
Time: 09:02 AM


When you say "Tribute Album", are you talking about the CD that Jeff put together last year? I have no idea why anyone who has one would want to put it on E-Bay, but who knows. To answer your question regarding the "artists", this CD featured the folks here on the porch doing Mick's songs...everyone except Jonmark, who's song, "When I Heard Newbury Sing", was the highlight of the CD for me. That's not to say I wasn't amaized at the talent of the other folks who contributed to the's just that Jonmark's song captured my feeling the first time that I heard Mick's music. My ability to copy CD's is limited at this time, but I'm sure there are others here on the porch who have that capability, who might burn you a copy.