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G'day porch

From: Karen
Remote Name:
Date: 17-Aug-2002
Time: 11:38 PM


It is a sunny winter afternoon "down under" and I am doing nothing! Not like me at all but tiredness sometimes demands a day like this. Neil is on the golf course, with no-one to brag to without me there ("Aah what a shot! Hear 'em all cheering? Next they'll be rushing out with the tape to measure me up for the green jacket... bla bla bla"). I will be putting on some Newbury shortly... I think "A Long Road Home" today. (I have had "Heaven Help The Child" in the car lately). That should restore my soul in time to deal with the Modest One when he gets off the course and feels like sharing... every LONG accurate hit, every spot-on putt.

My love to all you Dear Heart and your families. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. And Mickey Newbury.... thanks again for the spectacular beauty of your music. I love you,