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Re: Wanted - Guitar Pickers

From: Jeff S
Remote Name:
Date: 11-Sep-2002
Time: 01:34 AM


A couple of new Martins, Ken. You might remember me mentioning the OM-1 to you. It's a steel string, the right size and sound and enough room on the neck to move your fingers around ala Mr. Newbury

Also, Check out the 000C-16SGTNE. It looks to me to be Martin's best effort in years to make a proper nylon string, not fat necked like a classical, like the ones the folk singers of the fifties and sixties used. It's very much like Willie's "trigger" and, it's electric!

I own and play it's grandfather, Ken, a 1955 OO18G. Mickey's played it a couple of times and liked its tone.

Check them out at: