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Not all heroes fight

From: another Mick
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Date: 14-Sep-2002
Time: 09:07 AM


Heroes can be silent and invisible as well. The people who work behind the scenes, in hospitals, schools, etc. The question was posed last year after September 11, Where was God? It was said that God was in the tears of the firemen as well as their hands, in the little old lady who made cupcakes and muffins daily for the hungry, in the strength of the arms which held the lost and terrified, in the hearts which resolved NOT to do violence in reaction to this tragedy. I would also add to this that therein lies the hero as well. If a writer, not to mention a particular songwriter with a voice like a cello, can give peace to a heart in pain with his art, created alone, often in pain, at 3am on a moonless night, that, too is a hero in my book. On the first anniversary of September 11, I skipped all the talk shows and TV and newspapers, got out all my heartsongs, and listened to them, while getting in touch with old friends. Let me tell you, the Mick was at the top of the playlist. Thanks for being there, Mickey.