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From: andrew p
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Date: 19-Sep-2002
Time: 02:48 PM

Comments of the Gods...I live on Canton Hollow Road (off Lovell Road & Kingston Pike at the edge of Farragut) for 6 years...moved back to MO in ' sis still lives on Timbergrove Dr (off Northshore Dr) behind west town mall...I bleed them to go to 4 football games when there, 1 boys basketball (saw Shaq play for LSU), and 3 girls basketball games...what a great town...I really miss it,and plan on visiting my sis this summer...and now my St Louis Cardinals have moved their AA team to Severville (used to be Toronto AA there...Smokies)I would love to see the new stadium, and see a game or two (or 3, 4, 5, etc)...anyway...nice to meet ya Dot...maybe my better-half and I could meet ya for lunch when/if we come down this summer...Gee, I really miss Krystals...heh heh...blessings...andrew